Alcohol & Drug Treatment Programs

The Recovery Place offers a comprehensive set of addiction treatment programs, each tailored to our clients’ specific issues and needs. All of our programs share one common goal: to help you gain insight into your disease while acquiring the life skills needed to sustain long-term recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

There is no single approach to recovery from drug addiction that is effective for everyone. At The Recovery Place, we tailor our approach to meet your particular needs and then guide you through every part of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. Many of our treatment team members have been successful in battling their own addictions, which provides the additional credibility and empathy so critical in nurturing relationships and strengthening your motivation to heal.

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Christian Addiction Program

The Three StrandsSM Christian addiction program at The Recovery Place is a nondenominational clinical program open to all spiritual seekers. It is a separate program with its own director, master’s level therapists and groups. This program includes addiction education, relapse prevention planning, Christian support groups, individual, group and family therapy, and more.

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Young Adult Rehabilitation

Treating young adults with addiction is a specialization of The Recovery Place. Young people who struggle with relapse often have undiagnosed or under-diagnosed mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression or trauma, and require a different approach than that offered at traditional rehabs. The BRAVENSM program is designed with young adults in mind, introducing them to therapies and approaches they haven’t tried before, which bolsters them against relapse.

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Drug Detox

Before embarking on one of our structured, personalized addiction treatment programs, clients may need to complete medically monitored drug detox. Our caring and compassionate staff is on hand to coordinate a safe, comfortable detox and ensure a smooth transition into the next stage of recovery.

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Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is available to anyone who needs structure and support on their recovery journey, whether or not they’ve participated in residential treatment at The Recovery Place or anywhere else. Outpatient treatment takes place three nights a week for 15 weeks and includes intensive group therapy with a master’s level therapist. We also offer a 12-month continuing care plan — our Javelin℠ program — that helps clients maintain significant lifestyle and behavior changes using principles that have been proven to promote long-term recovery.

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Our trained addiction specialists are available to answer your questions about our drug rehabilitation programs and find an ideal fit for your needs. Take the first step toward recovery and call us today at 844-874-8495.

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