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Alcoholism and alcohol dependency affect more than just the individual. Its negative stressors also have a devastating effect on friends and family and if left untreated, individuals and their families can be torn apart.

The Recovery Place Alcohol treatment center provides an alcohol rehab program with a client-centered approach. Our alcohol rehabilitation team works closely with the client to design a treatment plan that is unique to each individual. Alcohol addiction treats every individual differently, so its treatment shouldn’t take a “one size fits all” approach.

Experienced alcohol rehab professionalsOur team is made up of educated and experienced alcohol rehab professionals. Upon entering an alcohol treatment program, the client becomes a member of a supportive and compassionate community, made up of alcohol treatment professionals and support staff, others struggling with alcoholism, and alumni.

depression and addictionAlcoholism often goes in tandem with another psychological issue like depression. This is called a dual diagnosis and must take a different and more comprehensive approach to the alcohol rehabilitation. Our alcohol rehab programs individually evaluate each client to ensure that every aspect of the alcohol addiction is recognized and fully treated.

Our Alcohol Treatment Programs focus on:

  • Individual needs of each client. Upon entering our alcohol treatment facility you will undergo an individual evaluation with an experienced and compassionate clinician to place you in the treatment program best suited for your needs.
  • Alcohol addiction education. The most effective way to combat the disease of alcohol addiction is to understand the disease and how it is affecting you and your loved ones—why we make the choice to abuse alcohol, what it is doing to our body and mind, and how to regain a healthy lifestyle without the presence of alcohol.
  • A focus on life-skills. We spend a lot of time working with clients in positively transitioning them back into society. This includes taking on responsibilities like food shopping and cooperating in group settings throughout the treatment process.
  • Traditional alcohol addiction treatment therapies with a client-centered approach, including family involvement to fully treat the addiction and everyone it is affecting.
  • Opportunity to seek Christian alcohol addiction treatment or traditional alcohol treatment alongside the individually structured program based on your specific needs.

My experience at The Recovery Place was amazing. I truly began to uncover and discover who I am. I feel well on my way to a full recovery and have gained many tools that will help me on my journey. I would recommend this treatment center to anyone looking for help. I came in a desperate mess and left as a stable adult. I owe my life to this center and am very grateful.”

– Taylor

Our drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation treatment center and residential sober community housing are steps away from each other. Structured evening and night services are available, with the housing staff in consistent contact with the clinical team, so that treatment can be fostered seamlessly. Our temperate Florida location also encourages active participation in outdoor and other recovery-rich activities.

For more information about our alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs call our trained addiction specialists today 844-874-8495. There is no better time than the present to rid your life from this devastating disease.

The staff taught me to create discipline, self-respect, and confidence by developing myself into a grateful recovering addict. I recommend The Recovery Place to anyone suffering through addiction of drugs and alcohol. The people who work here care about you getting better and are willing to do whatever they can to get you free from alcohol and drugs.”

– Ryan F.

We Offer the Following Treatment Programs

While making inquiries to come to a rehab center for help, the staff were so helpful in getting my medical insurance details from Aetna and taking care of all the details. That was an enormous weight taken from me. I entered The Recovery Place ready to face the changes needed to get my life back from the destructive pathway I was heading on. I view this time there as an absolute investment well worth every hard thing I was challenged with. Thank you to a great staff."

- Mark H.

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