Alcohol & Drug Detox

For some, detoxification is the first step toward recovery. It is important to begin this process with the help of professionally trained medical and addiction specialists who can ensure this period is as comfortable and effective as possible.

The Recovery Place drug rehab and alcohol treatment center can help coordinate professional drug and alcohol detox and help you transition into the next stage of recovery.

We partner with Bel Canto detox center, near West Palm Beach, Florida, where you can get the expert medically monitored residential detox care needed to prepare physically and mentally for the next stage of recovery.

Bel Canto Medical Detox Program

The Bel Canto detox program offers expert drug detox services in a welcoming setting.

Highlights of our Florida alcohol and drug detox program include:

Bel Canto detox center accepts both in-network and out-of-network insurance. In many cases, insurance covers the full cost of care.

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