Addiction and Rehab in CT, NY and NJ

Addiction and Rehab in CT, NY and NJ

National stats and a quick view of Florida were covered in our last blog. Now let’s move north for look at the alcohol and drug addiction issues Connecticut, New York and New Jersey are currently facing.

The most recent state-specific surveys done by SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) gives the following synoptic glimpse of each state compared to national averages.  Some of these may surprise you!

Connecticut —has among the highest national rates of illicit drug use for all age groups.  Alcohol use (having more than one drink in the last month) was also above the national average

New Jersey —ranks lower than the national average on both illicit drug use and alcohol use

New York—consistently at or above the rates for the country as a whole

In general, the SAMHSA data have shown that higher drug and alcohol use also means higher number of citizens requiring help for substance abuse and addiction issues, and higher numbers of people needing alcohol and drug inpatient rehab.

Sadly, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey are among many states that have lost alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs due to lack of funding both on the state and national levels.

Another complicated problem that is cropping up in many areas, including the Tri-State region, is the selling of prescription pain relievers obtained through legitimate means (using both private and public insurance) by those who don’t need them.  They fill their prescriptions and then sell them to a dealer, who then supplies those with addictions.

This chain of abuse has an effect financially and socially on each of us.

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