Addiction is Dangerous in All Facets of Life

Addiction is Dangerous in All Facets of Life

Alcohol and drug addiction by itself can be fatal from the harmful deterioration of the human body, but have you thought of other serious situations an addiction to alcohol and drugs can put you in?

Yesterday, the sentencing phase is set to begin in the case of the Ohio serial killer named Anthony Sowell. Sowell had been convicted of murdering 11 women and dumping their remains around his home and backyard in Cleveland, Ohio. The discovery of the bodies was looked at as an embarrassment for the city’s police force, as they were accused over the course of the trial and investigation by victim’s families of failing to properly investigate the disappearances because most of the women were addicted to drugs and lived in an impoverished neighborhood. During the investigation it was brought to light that Sowell lured the women to his home with the promise of alcohol or drugs.

This man preyed on the fact that these women had an alcohol and drug addiction and wouldn’t give a second thought to the dangers of the situation if it meant they would be able to get their hands on more drugs or alcohol. This story reminded me of another story I read in which a young drug addict describes having absolutely no fear in a number of perilous situations. She explains, “I’ve walked through every single ghetto across this country with acid to sell in one pocket and needles in another. I’d be scared about getting arrested so I’d be checking out for cops, but I’d walk up to a crack house, a dope house, with my money on me. Sometimes when I bought drugs I’d try it right there, to make sure it’s real. One time I woke up in a crack house where I didn’t know anybody. But I really didn’t have any fear.”

Alcohol and drug addiction is a powerful and controlling disease. In both of these instances, the individuals put themselves in hazardous situations, giving no thought to their personal safety, only thinking of getting their hands on drugs or alcohol. The need and want controlled by the addiction is overpowering as the addicted brain loses its power to recognize danger. Now that’s a scary thought. Dangerous experiences such as these don’t stop most addicts from continuing their drug use. Their addicted brains have ceased to be tools for survival and have become instruments of pleasure, seeking to feel that “high,” at any cost.


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