Baby Missing - Alcohol Abuse may be the Cause

Baby Missing – Alcohol Abuse may be the Cause

We have been hit with another devastating news story sparked by alcohol abuse. Deborah Bradley, mother of infant Lisa Irwin, admits to being drunk while her baby girl went missing nearly a month ago—an innocent child is lost and addiction is to blame…

After nine days of silence Bradley admitted that she had abused enough alcohol to be drunk that night after a surveillance video picked up an image of Bradley purchasing box wine and baby supplies the night Lisa disappeared.

A massive search for the 11-month-old baby girl is now entering its fourth week. Jeanine Pirro, former district attorney who interviewed baby Lisa’s parents stated, “Being drunk would explain why she didn’t hear the baby monitor, she didn’t hear the dog barking.” A month of family devastation and rigorous labor in search of this innocent child could have easily been prevented had Deborah Bradley stayed sober while caring for her baby.

If you find yourself or a loved one in a situation like this—where alcohol abuse plays a vital role in devastating consequences, it’s time to recognize the signs… It’s never too late to seek help for alcohol and drug addiction, call us today!


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