Charlie Sheen Plays Us Like Joaquin Phoenix

Charlie Sheen Plays Us Like Joaquin Phoenix

April Fool’s!

Unfortunately Charlie Sheen is still heavy on his reign of terror unlike Joaquin Phoenix’s hoax brought to light back in September of 2010. It doesn’t seem like the biggest hoax of our time was over six months ago, but here we are in April of 2011.

April 1st is commonly known as April Fool’s day. Did you know that April Fool’s Day originated way back in the 1500s? It’s believed that the term was coined when the Gregorian Calendar was introduced by Charles IX around 1582, which declared January 1st as New Year’s Day instead of the week of March 25th through April 1st as New Year’s Week. Since News traveled at molasses speed in the 1500s some people weren’t aware of this change until years later and were labeled fool’s for continuing the New Year’s celebrations in late March.

Many years later and the first of April is still considered the day where practical jokes are both accepted and expected. But don’t let the allusion of trickery keep you from seeing the signs of addiction. Are you struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction? Does a friend or family member seem to have picked up habits from out of the ordinary—Habits that could be signs of a battle with the disease of addiction?

We can get caught up in the excitement of special days that pop up throughout the year and forget to take care of more important matters, like our health, or our loved ones.

Have some fun on a day dedicated to jokes and laughter, but don’t be fooled by its tricks.

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