Successes in Faith Based Recovery Shared in Video Site

Christian Rehab Video Site Shares Successes in Faith Based Recovery

The Recovery Place launches Christian alcohol & drug addiction video series:

Honest stories of struggle and recovery are presented in this eleven-video series on Christian based drug rehab. Recovering addicts share how they are achieving success through a combination of Bible-based and traditional drug rehab therapies at The Recovery Place.

This video series highlights the stories of three people who lost families, homes, jobs and self-respect because of their addictions. Rachel, Philip and Jeffry talk frankly about how hard it was to take that first step into treatment.

Philip admits “I lied to my family, lied to my friends, I was completely morally bankrupt,” and Rachel shares how she began using cocaine at age twelve—with her mother.

Jeffry was using 50 bags of heroin a day when he entered the Christian drug rehab program. He explains, “I came pretty sick, and a couple of days of detox just wasn’t going to cut it.” Symptom management is an important part of traditional therapy in the Christian rehab program. Jeffry adds that church was always a part of his life, and when he finally made the decision to enter drug rehab, he knew that his faith would need to be a large part of his recovery.

Attending the Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at The Recovery Place has helped Rachel, Philip and Jeffry regain physical, emotional and spiritual health, and their obvious pride when they state how long they have been clean is a highlight of this video series.

At The Recovery Place, the client is kept at the center of treatment, not the addiction. Christian addiction counselors work closely with each client to uncover unresolved clinical issues that may cause the addiction. The wider-view approach shown in this new video series is what is helping so many clients in The Recovery Place Christian addiction treatment program.

Here is one of the eleven-video series:


Find the remaining ten videos and many more on our YouTube channel.

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