Fears of Addiction Treatment

Fears of Addiction Treatment

Sometimes individuals trapped in an alcohol and drug addiction don’t realize the damage they are causing themselves or their loved ones so they don’t seek help. Other times they do, but the substance abuse has clouded their judgment enough to not try and change.

But it every now and then it happens that an individual struggling with addiction is aware of their struggle and ready to rid their lives of its damage, but the fears that accompany drug rehab treatment deter them from taking that first step into a residential treatment facility.

Following are some of the most frequent drug rehab treatment fears and the truth about what can actually be expected to help subside the hesitation in seeking proper addiction treatment:

It Costs Too Much

Many people will immediately push seeking drug rehab treatment to the side by automatically assuming it costs too much. Yes, addiction treatment comes at a price that includes professional medical attention and care from certified clinicians and nurses, as well as drug free living arrangements, medical observation tools, transportation, staffing, etc.

what many overlook are the array of payment options available to them. Many major insurance providers offer addiction treatment coverage. Do you have an insurance provider through your work or a private policy?

Many drug rehab facilities also offer private payment options. Don’t hesitate to call the facility to discuss those options with addiction specialists waiting to help.

Loss Of Work 

Not only do people fear for their reputation when agreeing to seek drug rehab treatment, they also often fear they will lose their job from the long leave of absence or from opening up about their battle with substance abuse. This is an occurrence you should not have to worry about as anonymity and confidentiality play a pertinent role in drug rehab treatment.

As a matter of fact, each client is protected under the Federal regulations governing Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records and cannot be disclosed without written consent. In other words, your stay in a drug rehab facility is completely confidential and if not followed by the facility is breaking the law.

Fear of Separation

Many people are afraid to leave their loved ones or the comfort of their own home for a long period of time. But the fact of the matter is to successfully combat an alcohol and drug addiction the separation from your normal environment may be the best idea yet.

While it’s scary at first, most drug and alcohol rehab facilities provide very comfortable and safe living arrangements which is a positive change to the environment that may have been fueling yours or your loved one’s substance abuse.

Lastly, to continue a lifestyle clouded by alcohol and drug addiction will ultimately separate yourself from the ones you love. It’s best to accept the short-term separation to achieve addiction recovery than to lose those most important people in your life from the ill effects of addiction.

Fear of Detox 

While we’ll admit that medical detox is not a walk in the park, don’t let it deter you from embarking on your journey through drug rehab treatment.

Depending on the substance abused and the length and extent of the abuse, detox will vary from person to person. Some withdrawal symptoms are more uncomfortable than others and trying to quit “cold turkey” from some substances can be life threatening. For those reasons, medical detox is a recommended as it is necessary, but by undergoing it with proper medical supervision will increase your chances of the most comfortable drug rehab experience.

Detox is NOT something that should be taken on alone.
Learn more about medical detox in this short video:

Fear of Being Transparent

Many addictions spark because individuals find it hard to open up about their traumatic experiences, or difficulties with everyday life, and ultimately resort to escaping their troubles through substance abuse. Most people also know that drug rehab treatment will involve speaking up about their feelings in individual and group settings. This may then sway an individual to not seek addiction treatment.

The truth is, drug rehab will make an individual open up about their feelings, but it will also get to the bottom of the substance abuse and bring out a true understanding of the addiction. The perceived “negative” aspect about talking about your feelings thus does not outweigh the positives in understanding why you or a loved one started abusing alcohol or drugs and how to overcome your struggles with the disease.

Fear of Failure

Probably the most troublesome fear in seeking drug rehab is the fear of failure.

Alcohol and drug addiction has already taken control of your life and sent you on a downward spiral. What happens if you enter a drug rehab program and don’t succeed?

Many individuals feel that if they “fail” their loved ones will see them as hopeless. But the truth of the matter is drug rehab is not only the most effective way to rid your life of addiction, it is also the best way for the whole family to recover. Many drug rehab facilities offer family programming alongside the individual’s addiction treatment. The family will then learn more about the addiction and how to support their loved one when they complete a program.
Completing a program followed by full family support is an excellent equation to success, not failure!

No matter what the fear may be in entering a drug rehab facility, it is important to remember that the consequences in continuing the addiction are far greater. Take the steps today!


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