Videos Explore Loss And Positive Addiction Recovery

Losing It All: New Drug and Alcohol Video Series Explores Loss and Positive Recovery from Addictions

The Recovery Place drug rehab center launches drug and alcohol video series:

Loss of family, jobs, friends and self-respect are themes explored in a new six-video series by The Recovery Place, a Florida outpatient drug and alcohol rehab center. Greg and Jim, both now in recovery from their addictions, openly share their stark stories. Key to their healthy recovery from drugs and alcohol addictions is the structured transitional care that they received while at The Recovery Place, including a highly individualized outpatient rehabilitation program.

Greg shares, “I was in and out of detox, in and out of jail. I was addicted to heroin for ten years.” Through this new drug and alcohol video series, Greg explains how he was finally able to find a lasting recovery through the progressively less-structured care environment at The Recovery Place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Florida outpatient rehab program helped him begin his transition back into work and society, and at the same time provided the ongoing emotional and physical support he needed to keep him from relapsing. Outpatient drug treatment gave him a chance to put into action what he’d been learning in the more structured inpatient setting at The Recovery Place.

Jim had been in drug rehab facilities several times for his own addictions. “I was in for thirty days and then thrown back to the wolves.” Because of this, he admits, he relapsed back into drug use over and over. At The Recovery Place he was able to move from inpatient care to being a drug outpatient in the less-structured Florida treatment program. He feels this is why he has been clean for three years now.

This new video series created and presented by The Recovery Place helps highlight the crucial importance of an integrated program of services for those battling substance abuse and addiction. The Recovery Place’s Florida drug and alcohol outpatient program is a stellar example of this transitional approach.

For the rest of this video series and more videos about our many drug rehab programs, visit our YouTube channel.

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