Video Series Explores Family Roles in Addiction Recovery

Separation Before Unification: New Video Series Explores Family Support in Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

New five-part video series explores the importance of support by and for family members of addicts and alcoholics:

The Recovery Place drug rehab and alcohol treatment center has released a five-part video series on the importance of support by and for family members of addicts and alcoholics.

Pamela is both a certified drug addiction specialist and clean for 21 years. Jim is in recovery. Through this new video series they share their perspectives on the importance of family involvement during and after the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

“Teaching the families of drug addicts and alcoholics how to become a healthy support system is crucial,” explains Pamela. “Support from the families means success.”

Families and addicted individuals often need separation during the recovery process. They need to deal with their own pain individually before they are able to reunite in a healthy and positive way. The family often doesn’t understand the disease of addiction, and why their loved one may be physically and emotionally unable to stop using on their own. They often are unsure how to help and where to begin. Education is an important part of family support.

Jim pushed his family away during his years of drug abuse. He states “I was alone and I was scared, but I was shunning the love my family was offering to me. This disease just didn’t care.” Because addiction doesn’t run in Jim’s family, he was ashamed to get support from his parents, even though they would have been happy to help. “My dad would have jumped in front of a train if he thought it would help me,” shares Jim. Jim has been clean now for three years.

Effective help for parents and family members of addicts and alcoholics requires a multi-dimensional approach. Family education and therapy is an important component. Parents, spouses, children and significant others learn more about the disease during The Recovery Place family programs, and gain essential recovery tools to help both themselves and the addicted loved one.

Family members may be in denial about the drug use or alcoholism, and need assistance in how their own roles are promoting the addictive behavior. They may be enabling when they think they are helping. Communication skills in families of alcoholics and addicts may be lacking, and The Recovery Place helps by teaching specific techniques to improve communication.

Here is one of the videos from the five-part Family video series:

For the remainder of the series and more videos go to The Recovery Place’s YouTube channel.

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