Substance Abuse In The Carolinas

Substance abuse in the Carolinas

Bible-Belt doesn’t mean Addiction Free

Each year more than 50,000 South Carolinians receive direct intervention and treatment services for drug and alcohol problems. While this is lower than the national average, it is still a significant problem for this small state with population of 4.5 million.

North Carolina is among the ten lowest states falling below the national average.

But the disturbing fact in the Carolinas and other regions of the country is the great disparity between the number of people needing rehab for a drug or alcohol problems, and the number of those actually getting help. A 2009 study shows that 23.5 million Americans need help, but only about 11 percent actually receive specialized care.

This month an episode of the reality show Intervention highlights North Carolina resident James Heath’s struggle with addiction. Heath’s addiction began like many people, with a dependence on prescription pain relievers from an injury. This dependence-then-addiction in his 20s escalated to heroin use. Like many addicts, he has suffered relapses and has had multiple tragic losses in his life because of his drug use.

Many North and South Carolinians seeking help opt for a rehabilitation center that offers a Christian treatment track as part of their services, combining traditional treatment with Bible-based support.

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