Thanksgiving: The Best Time For Family Intervention?

Thanksgiving: Maybe the Best Time for Family Intervention

Don’t make waves. It’s the holidays.  Keep it light.  It might cause a binge or a blowup.

But just maybe Thanksgiving is the best time to approach a loved one about their drinking or drug use. 

Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings extended family members together.  If you are living with someone struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, you may not normally have the support it takes to begin an intervention, so take advantage of having family and friends around!

Having an addict or an alcoholic see how much they are loved, and see how many people wish them well and are there to help may be an effective way to get them to consider treatment.  It’s worth a try.

Maybe you are the addict or alcoholic.  You want to get help for your problem, but know you can’t go it alone.  Maybe having a lot of family around you this Thanksgiving will give you the courage to make that decision to ask for help.

If you aren’t ready to approach your loved one about their drinking and drug use, Thanksgiving may give you and other family members a chance to begin planning a more formal intervention.  Use your time together to explore the many addiction family resources that are available to help you.

If your loved one is able to make recovery a reality, think how much more you’ll all have to celebrate next Thanksgiving!

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