The Recovery Place Updates its site

The Recovery Place Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Updates Website:

Much like alcohol and drug addiction, resources are constantly changing. Whether it be market statistics, print resources or online mediums, to provide the best possible service to those in need of alcohol and drug addiction help, it is imperative for rehab centers to keep their sources up to date to provide the best and most relevant information possible. The Recovery Place has done just that in revamping their family addiction website–

Addiction is a family disease. Alcoholism and drug abuse affects far more than the addicted individual; it touches the lives of every surrounding loved one. With that comes questions about the alcohol and drug addiction—why is my loved one an addict? What do I do to get them in rehab? What are enabling behaviors, and how do I not make enabling mistakes? is the source to answer all of those questions. The Recovery Place took some much need steps in revamping the websites interface to provide a user friendly experience and ensure all the questions involved with alcohol and drug addiction in the family are answered in the utmost detail, as well as provide online and phone support through one valuable source.

The new and improved also keeps an ongoing blog with alcohol and drug addiction education and tips for families suffering from the disease. Readers can comment on each blog post using their Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail accounts to let The Recovery Place know what questions they may have, as well as, ensure The Recovery Place provides all sought information.

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