Willie Nelson Rejected on Marijuana Plea

Willie Nelson Rejected on Marijuana Plea

Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse, Robert Downey Jr, Paris Hilton, just to name a few; all celebrities that have gotten caught abusing different substances and more or less gotten away with it (or seemingly avoid the severe consequences the “average Joe” may receive). Does it ever make you angry that that these celebrities are basically getting a “slap on the wrist” for what would get anyone else into major trouble? Not that it’s ok to try to get away with misdemeanors, but the fact that it sets a poor example for today’s youth, one short stint in drug rehab and you can still make millions. As human beings we all make mistakes, yet there seems to be different repercussions for celebrities and non-celebrities, not to mention the idea that celebrities (who are also human beings) don’t seek the drug rehab they need because society seems to be accepting of their drug abuse.

However, one judge from West Texas has seemed to take a different approach. Recently, Hudspeth County Judge Becky Dean-Walker rejected country singer Willie Nelson’s plea bargain that would have resolved his marijuana possession case with a fine. Willie Nelson was arrested in November after a Border Patrol agent searched his tour bus at a checkpoint. He was later released on bail. If it had been accepted, the plea deal would have entailed Nelson to plead guilty and pay a $500 fine for possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor not punishable with jail time. Dean-Walker rejected the deal saying, “It’s not right simply because he doesn’t do that for anyone else.” Instead, she wants Nelson charged with the misdemeanor of possession of marijuana, which could mean up to one year in jail.

It’s something refreshing to see when, with very little ramifications taken, celebrities tend to continue to abuse drugs getting caught time and time again, not realizing that they might actually need help. A leading role in 12 step addiction recovery is to own your past, not erase it. In order to move forward one must confront their past and the past mistakes they’ve made. Truly learning from your mistakes will do nothing but help you in the long run and help avoid relapse. While it may be difficult commit to drug rehab the consequences you’ll face without it are far more severe. Don’t try to re-write your past, learn from it, so you can write a happy and healthy future.


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