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At The Recovery Place, we believe treatment in a real-world environment is critical to long-term recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. Here, you’ll gain practical life skills in a functional setting similar to home. With daily opportunities to practice your recovery skills and support that lasts a full year following treatment, you’ll be prepared for a seamless transition when you return to everyday life.

Traditional Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Traditional Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our core residential treatment program empowers you to develop the knowledge, motivation and skills needed for lifelong recovery. With a combination of intensive therapy, attention to past trauma, education about triggers and development of coping skills, you’ll be prepared to face recovery challenges head on.

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Three Strands Christian Program

Three Strands℠ Christian Program

Three Strands is a comprehensive, non-denominational faith-centered program. You’ll participate in intensive therapy, Christian support groups, worship at local churches, and relapse prevention planning, among other approaches. We provide the tools you need to rebuild your life, within the embrace of a faith-based, accepting community.

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The BRAVEN Young Adult Program

The BRAVEN℠ Young Adult Program

This one-of-a-kind program is designed for young adults ages 18 to 25 who are at high risk of relapse. We engage young adults in a completely different way than traditional rehab programs. Using innovative approaches, we help young people maintain their recovery through hands-on skill-building and intensive relapse prevention planning.

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We help our clients discover new hope, reclaim their lives and gain the skills needed for long-term recovery in the real world.


Recovery for Real Life – Gain practical skills and have daily opportunities to practice them in our true-to-life setting located in a thriving South Florida neighborhood. Learn more.

Experienced Treatment Team – Work with a skilled treatment team made up of psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, recovery coaches and clinical care coordinators. Learn more.

Intensive Family Program – Incorporate loved ones into the treatment process through family therapy sessions, family education and family weekends. Learn more.

Long-Term Support – Go beyond “aftercare.” Our pioneering Javelin ℠ program provides ongoing support for the critical first year after treatment. Learn more.

Lifelong Connections – Develop lasting connections with those sharing similar struggles. Learn more.

Affordability – Get highly effective, affordable treatment that fits your life. Learn more.

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