Drug Rehab Client Residence

The Recovery Place’s residential facility is conveniently located just steps away from our treatment center. Residing in our home-like, sober-living facility complements your treatment and provides you with ongoing support both during and after inpatient treatment hours.

Benefits of Our Residential Facility Include:

  • Additional emotional support from staff and fellow clients to help maintain the positive outcomes from treatment
  • Round-the-clock access to mental health staff who are in daily contact with our clinical team to discuss any issues that may arise after regular treatment hours
  • Recreation areas for socializing, relaxing or visiting with loved ones including barbecue and pool areas and other welcoming spaces
  • Quiet outdoor nooks for reading or reflection
  • The comforts of home, including contemporary-style furnishings, cable television, fully equipped kitchens and more
  • Convenient access to beaches and other beautiful and restorative surroundings that promote recovery

Here, you will also learn or re-learn valuable skills transferable to life after inpatient treatment such as grocery shopping, tidying your living area, and the interpersonal skills that naturally come with living among a community of peers.

Our residential facility will help you develop a self-sufficient lifestyle while providing you the tools necessary to maintain a lifetime of addiction recovery.

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