Young Adult Rehab Programs

Young Adult Rehab Programs

Traditional alcohol and drug rehab programs tend to treat everyone the same way. Young adults are often relapse-prone and have unique issues and triggers that require specialized treatment. To address these challenges, we offer programs for young adults to address their particular issues, and empower them to successfully transition into adulthood.

Why Our Young Adult Rehab Programs Are Effective

Our young adult addiction treatment programs are grounded in 12-step methodology, but engage young adults in a different way than traditional drug rehab treatment, with an emphasis on building the life skills necessary to achieve long-term change.

We provide young people a comprehensive, multidisciplinary treatment experience that tackles the physical, mental and spiritual complications of addiction. Our young clients learn how they’ve been using substances to detach from feelings, deal with life stressors or cope with a co-occurring mental health issue. They gain the structure, support and healthy coping skills needed to rebound from addiction and create a life that is fulfilling without the use of alcohol or other drugs.

Our young adult treatment programs may offer:

  • Comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments
  • Treatment plans tailored to individual issues and needs
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Traditional and experiential therapies
  • Simultaneous treatment for co-occurring issues like depression, anxiety and ADHD
  • Psychoeducational groups about addiction
  • Highly experienced, master’s level treatment teams
  • Real-world opportunities and outings to practice recovery skills
  • Gender-specific treatment to eliminate distractions of the opposite sex
  • Life-skills training
  • Recreational activities
  • Evidence-based medications as clinically appropriate
  • Psychiatric services

Why Is Specialized Treatment Important for Young Adults?

During the formative young adult years, alcohol and drug abuse can stunt the acquisition of critical life skills and impair physical and mental development. Young adults who abuse substances, especially those who struggle with relapse, are often impulsive, angry and/or act out in potentially dangerous ways. They may use drugs or alcohol to avoid dealing with their feelings and have problems evolving into independent, healthy adults.

Our young adult drug and alcohol rehab programs focus specifically on these issues and help young clients manage their lives without the use of drugs and alcohol. Clients develop life skills, healthy coping skills and knowledge about their disease so that they can successfully integrate into society and live a productive and healthy lifestyle.

Help Them Get Their Life Back on Track

Learn about two of our drug rehab programs that specialize in treating young adults:

Park BenchSM Group Counseling - In response to the rising rates of heroin addiction and overdose deaths in young people, Park Bench Counseling Group in New Jersey offers a young adult opiate treatment track for youth in the grips of this crippling addiction. This program draws upon the latest evidence-based medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings and uses therapies shown to increase the chances of long-term recovery.

COPACSM - The specially trained staff at COPAC treatment center helps young adults and their families overcome the negative effects of alcohol and drug abuse through a multidisciplinary, medically guided approach. Treatment is tailored to the unique needs of young people struggling to transition into adulthood.

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