College Cardio That Isn’t Good For Your Health

College Cardio That Isn’t Good For Your Health: Energy Drink Facts

Stop what you’re doing.  Feel your heart beating in your chest? No? Well, good, you aren’t supposed to be able to feel it when you are just sitting at your computer.

Okay, then, take your pulse.  Feel strong and regular?  That’s good, too.

Now count your pulse.  For arguments sake, let’s say you are counting 72 beautiful, strong regular beats a minute.

Now imagine this: your heart bounding at triple that speed.  That’s 210 beats a minute!   Bam, bam, BAM! That’s your heart you feel slamming against your ribcage, a little gift from the energy drinks you’ve tossed down to keep you going while you pull an all-nighter, studying for your final exams.

Except maybe you don’t even notice.  You’ve added a couple of shots to the mix, just to relieve the stress of studying for finals.

Or, hey, you can even buy this double energy burst in a can: alcohol plus mega caffeine. How convenient is that?

Convenient but risky.

Energy drinks combined with alcohol have seen a striking increase in usage among college students.   Often this is done with the mistaken idea that the caffeine overrides the side-effects of alcohol and makes it okay to drive after going out with friends.  In fact, the stimulants found in energy drinks often enhance the effects of the alcohol, even though the person may not feel drunk.

Save the cardio for the gym.  Getting it in a can could be deadly.

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