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Addiction Infographics

Freedom From Addiction [WALLPAPER]

July signifies the first full month of summer. The sun shines a little more and getting together with family and friends for beach barbecues or weekend camping adventures are of the norm. July is also home to Independence Day—a holiday that each American citizen has personal attachment to. Of course this holiday s more...

A Dad Is Someone Who [WALLPAPER]

With Father's Day just around the corner we wanted to share our appreciation for all the fathers around the world that are the inspiration in their children's lives. We all make mistakes and we all have the capability of learning from those mistakes, but sometimes it takes the guidance of a good dad to really grow more...

How Is Addiction Impacting Your Loved Ones [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a family disease, alcohol and drug addiction affects each member of the family differently. This infographic outlines the standard "family tree" from grandparents to the most innocent victims in infants, shedding light on the devastating spiral of addiction in the family. Alcohol and drug addiction is a multi more...

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