Drug Overdose Awareness Day

Drug Overdose Awareness Day

In 2007, more than 28,000 people died from an accidental drug overdose in America, the highest number ever recorded and more than twice the amount from just a decade ago. The sad truth is more people now die from accidental drug overdoses than from HIV/AIDS and is now the number one cause for accidental death in Americans between the ages of 35 and 54. In some states it even leads to more deaths than car accidents.

Every year on August 31st people around the world join together for International Overdose Awareness Day to recognize the pain and loss associated with drug addiction and overdose deaths, and to call for policy changes that will save lives. I recently read an article regarding International Overdose Awareness Day where the author made a great suggestion. He suggested that radio stations everywhere help spread the word by playing music created by bands that have lost a member to drug addiction and accidental overdose such as Sublime, Hole, Alice in Chains, the Ramones; and music by legends such as Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin.

While to some music is the very force that drives them, to others it’s just “background noise;” either way, music has touched and influenced everyone in some way or another. Today is International Overdose Awareness day…take the time to stop and think. Grab your iPod or call your local radio station to request a song, or simply educate yourself on the dangers and harmful consequences of drug addiction and accidental overdoses. Awareness is the first step!


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