“I’m Ready For Rehab!—But Which Center Is Right for Me?”

“I’m Ready For Rehab! – But Which Center Is Right for Me?”

“I’m ready for Rehab! But which center is right for me?”

Too much information! And too many places to choose from!

So just how do you make an informed decision about the drug and alcohol rehab center that is best for you?  How do you find the right place that will give you the rehab success and give you your life back?

Keep in mind, you are an Individual!  This is key in choosing the right place for you.  Whatever center you choose make sure that the treatment program focuses on you as an individual, and that the care is client-centered, not just a collection of programs that are designed for anyone and everyone.

Make sure that the success rate of any facility that you consider is based on each individual client and their own personal success, not just a nebulous percentage for the center as a whole.

Alcohol and drug rehab centers vary widely from every corner of the country.  No two are exactly alike.  Be wary of centers that use success rates to sell their programs without being able to provide information on the success of individual clients. 

Again, that important key word:  individual. 

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