Freedom From Addiction [WALLPAPER]

Freedom From Addiction [WALLPAPER]

July signifies the first full month of summer. The sun shines a little more and getting together with family and friends for beach barbecues or weekend camping adventures are of the norm.

July is also home to Independence Day—a holiday that each American citizen has personal attachment to. Of course this holiday signifies our freedom from British rule, but we also think it’s a good idea to celebrate freedom from alcohol and drug addiction.

Are you or a loved on are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction? There is no better time than now to take that step forward to seeking drug rehab treatment.

Or maybe you and your family have reached addiction recovery? Take a moment this Fourth of July to appreciate your hard work and celebrate your new freedom.

Below is a free downloadable wallpaper featuring a calendar for this July… An every day reminder of our American freedoms and your family’s freedom from addiction.

Wallpaper- freedom from addiction

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