Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

As Thanksgiving begins the traditional holiday season, it is also a time that both the joys and sorrows of struggling with recovery are very much on our minds here at The Recovery Place.

Being in a positive place in your recovery means that you may be looking forward to sharing Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays with more excitement and anticipation, than you have felt for many years. At The Recovery Place we share your joy! Once again (or for the first time) experiencing how these traditions deepen our connections to life and to our loved ones, can be overwhelming in its intensity. Even positive stress, like those of a busy holiday season, can have a negative impact on feelings and emotions. Focusing on the strides you’ve made in your recovery is essential. Remember to avoid any negative triggers and keep your “relapse avoidance” plan readily available. Celebrate yourself and all of the hard work you have done to regain control over your addiction! 

For those of you who have relapsed, or want desperately to take steps towards recovery, the next few weeks may make you feel even more lost and alone. Your addiction may have caused you to lose touch with family and friends, and this loss makes the holiday season bleak, dark, and solitary. At its best you may ponder memories of happier past holiday seasons. At its worst, you may feel powerless, and convinced that you will never gain control over addiction and alcoholism.

At The Recovery Place we are here to support you. Maybe you’ll choose to begin drug rehab treatment now. Or you will find yourself finally ready to ask the questions you have in order to begin helping a friend or loved one. Loving someone who doesn’t want to begin fighting their addiction may also mean that you need help to deal with your own pain and emotions
regarding this. Don’t hesitate or try to just make it through the next weeks alone. Call us toll-free, we’re here to help.

We hope that each of you enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving and a joyful Holiday Season, and never forget that each day brings a new opportunity for a life filled with health, love and friendship.

With warmest wishes,

The Recovery Place Family

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