How to Have Sober Fun at a Party

How to Have Sober Fun at a Party

September 12th, 2015 Alcohol Addiction, Helpful Articles

Being an addict in recovery can be difficult at times and rarely more so than when at a party where others are drinking. How do you have fun at a party when you’re sober and you used to be the one hanging from the chandelier? You could avoid parties from now on, or only go to those that are completely sober, but if you feel confident in your sobriety and you want to hang out with friends and members of your family that drink, go for it. You can have fun and be sober at the same time.

Make a Party Plan 

While it’s important to think about how you will have fun at parties as a sober person, it is also crucial that you consider the importance of maintaining that sobriety. You may feel strong going in, only to be met with major temptations to drink. Making a plan ahead of time will not only strengthen your resolve, it will also help you relax and have more fun.

Your plan should include how you will get to and from the party, when you want to leave, what you will do if someone gives you a hard time about drinking, what you actually will drink, and what you will do to have fun at the party. Also include a plan for getting out early if you feel you need to leave. Having a plan, such as a fake emergency call from a helpful friend, will mean that you can avoid being “that sober person who had to leave because she couldn’t handle the drinking.”

Bring the Fun with You

You can’t necessarily count on a party to be fun just because you show up. Plan to bring fun along. This might mean bringing someone as your guest. Bring that friend who is always fun to be around, and preferably who is not a drinker. Also consider bringing party games. Parties where people are drinking are often boring for teetotalers because there is nothing going on but drinking and talking. Bring board games, Twister, ideas for charades, or even your video game system. Just be sure you make the games social ones so lots of people can get involved.

Find a Job at the Party

Give yourself something to do to avoid boredom and that feeling like you should have a drink in your hand at all times. Volunteer to be the party DJ or to be the one to prepare and serve the food. Bring recipes and ingredients for fun mocktails. You may even be able to convince some of your friends to try your fancy dry drinks. Be the photographer for the evening and make a point to get pictures of everyone that you can share later.

Be Social

This might seem like the obvious answer, but as you plan how to have fun, don’t forget the main reason for a party. No, it’s not the drinking; it’s the socializing. Remember that a party is a chance to see friends and family and to spend quality time together. Make a point to see everyone and talk to everyone at the party. Make new friends with someone you don’t know.

Being sober at a party with drinking won’t be easy, especially if you are in the early stages of recovery. Don’t push yourself too soon. Your continued sobriety is more important than going to a party. But, if you feel good about it, go to that party. Have fun, meet old friends and make new ones. You’ll feel great in the morning without a hangover.


By: Mary Ellen Ellis

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