The Recovery Place Helped Me Find Hope After Addiction

I Had Lost All Hope

The Recovery Place is 100 percent completely responsible for saving my life.

Because of the clinical staff and the techs there, I was able to grasp the program of NA better than I ever thought imaginable.

The Recovery Place also went to the extra mile to help my family better understand the struggle I was going through with drug abuse; and how they could help. As a result, I am closer now with my mother than I ever was before.

When I first came to The Recovery Place I was strung out on drugs and had lost all hope at reaching recovery, yet now after treatment I am leaving with more confidence in myself then I ever thought possible.

This treatment center did more for me than just change the way I live my life, but also the way I now look at myself; and because of that I am a better person all around.

The Recovery Place has become my family and I know I will be able to rely on them whenever I need to. I can’t express enough how much I love everyone here and that there simply isn’t a better treatment center out there.

Thank you The Recovery Place, for giving me the tools I needed to save my life and the confidence to use them on my own!

– James S.

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