Just One Resolution Instead of Just One Drink

Just One Resolution Instead of Just One Drink

Here we are in what has come to be called “No Year”—that shady side of Christmas and sunny side of the New Year.  Around the globe the resolutions are humming into full gear:  weight, work, you name it, everyone has that inevitable pre-promise list of changes started.

Maybe you have just one thing on the list:  really quit drinking this year.

  Make it a reality, not another ride around the hamster-wheel.

Quitting drinking requires How and it requires Help.  You may not be sure if you are addicted to alcohol, but you have a pretty good idea that you may be drinking too much, just out of habit.

During the “No Year” might be the best time of all to decide to ring in 2011 without alcohol as your frequent companion.

You may be scared to find out that you just can’t get by without that weekly binge or that daily toddy.  Scared.  But don’t let that fear stop you from taking that first step to seeing if you really can stop. Or maybe you are even afraid to learn how to stop drinking.

And if you can’t stop—The Recovery Place is here to help you quit drinking.

That’s our Resolution each and every New Year.

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