Making Your Way Back From a Relapse | Relapse Recovery

Making Your Way Back From a Relapse

Recovering from relapse is a normal but challenging stage in your addiction recovery. While not everyone will experience a relapse, most addicts do. You are not alone in making this mistake, and it does not put you back at square one. You did a lot of hard work to get where you are, and one relapse does not erase all that effort. With a positive attitude, commitment and support, you can make your way back from a relapse to a successful recovery.

Why Do People Relapse?

To learn how to come back from a relapse, it’s important to understand what it means and why you did it. Most people relapse because of a trigger. Something triggers the craving to use drugs again or to drink. When you relapse, take time to be reflective and figure out what triggered it. It could have been an event, like the death of someone important to you or a rejection by your partner. It could also have been more emotional. Maybe you were feeling overwhelmed and stressed out at work. Find your triggers so you can be more aware in the future.

What to Do After Relapse

Knowing your triggers is important, but there is much more work to be done after relapse to prevent it from happening again. The first is to avoid your triggers as best you can. Some things you can’t avoid, which means that your next step is to learn better ways of coping with the situations that make you want to use again. We all deal with negative feelings in different ways, but as a recovering addict it is especially important for you to find positive strategies so that you don’t give in to the urge to relapse.

Try different things until one or two strategies fit. You might try learning meditation as a way to relax, or yoga to take your mind off stressful situations. Any type of exercise is great for your body and your mind and will help you recover from relapse. Creative activities are also good for coping with bad feelings and triggers. Try writing in a journal, taking art classes or reading books. Do whatever makes you feel better that is also good for you.

Rely on Friends and Family

The final piece of the puzzle for your successful relapse recovery is support. You need the support of those who care about you in order to pick yourself up again. Don’t think you can go it alone. It’s a dangerous idea and one that will lead you right back to relapse. Tell your friends and family about what happened and when you feel weak again, call on them to help you. Even a relapse after 6 years clean is not the end of the world. You can come back from this, no matter how long you were sober. Find healthy ways to relax, know your triggers and rely on your support network, and you can find lasting sobriety again.

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