Opioid Fatalities Daily in Massachusetts

Opioid Fatalities Daily in Massachusetts

Heroin and cocaine are the most commonly used drugs of abuse and addiction in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with prescription drug abuse on the rise.

A recent study by the Bay State reveals that at least two citizens daily die from opiate-related overdoses, and state authorities take these statistics very seriously, recognizing that the numbers are just a stand-in for the human stories behind them.

Homeless statistics in Massachusetts and many other states show a direct correlation between drug use and homelessness. This is a rock-bottom point for many addicts and alcoholics.

Use of alcohol by children under the age of 18 is also on the rise in Massachusetts, with over 80% of high school students admitting to having had at least one alcoholic drink. Another study reveals that 33% of 12-20 years olds say they have had alcohol in the last month.  Scary statistics, considering the fact that alcohol use is often combined with an automobile and a driver with only a few years of experience.

While the statistics in Massachusetts are sobering, it is a state that recognizes the importance of increasing readily available drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation services to citizens of all ages, and has solid implementation of a wide variety of programs.

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