Put Relapse Prevention at the Top of Your Christmas List!

Put Relapse Prevention at the Top of Your Christmas List!

December 17th, 2010 Helpful Articles, Relapse Prevention

Stress is a major player in every holiday season.  By knowing this up-front, you and your addicted loved one can get a plan in place to avoid relapse during a season when opportunities and urges to relapse escalate.

Opportunities to give in to temptation are everywhere you look during the Holiday Season:

  • Holiday parties that involve alcohol
  • Stress from increase in the need-to-do’s of daily life, such as holiday shopping, cooking, and other social commitments
  • Increased financial worries (related to the above!)
  • Family…family….family…and all of the joys and stresses that come with too much togetherness, or not enough

Plan ahead.  Focus on the great joys of the season, but prepare for the possibility of relapse and take steps to avoid it!

Don’t forget that The Recovery Place is here for you.

When we say that we’re here 24/7 we mean it.  If you or a loved one has relapsed, or if you are ready to take that first step towards recovery, we’re here.

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