Residential Clients Share Addiction Recovery Tips

Residential Alcohol and Drug Center Clients Share How Not To Be Thrown To The Wolves

The Recovery Place drug rehab center launches drug and alcohol video series:

Rachel, Jim and Greg are in successful recovery after going through patient-focused (not addiction-focused) treatment at The Recovery Place residential alcohol and drug rehab center. All three have been failed by treatment facilities in the past. So how did they finally gain success over their addictions to drugs and alcohol?

This eight-video series was created to share their stories. Not just their successes, but also their failures as they battled with drugs and alcohol. Painful choices and experiences are also presented. They recount just what they needed to regain emotional and physical health: a transition of care from an inpatient program through the less structured care of community housing, sober living facilities and outpatient programs. The Recovery Place rehab center provides addiction treatment that covers this entire continuum of care.

The Recovery Place understands that jumping directly back into society after just a few weeks of treatment just doesn’t work. In fact, it usually results in the person falling back into substance abuse. Jim learned this the hard way, by relapsing multiple times after attending other rehab centers. He explains, “Before, in other facilities, I finished the treatment for 30 days and they threw me back to the wolves. I just wasn’t ready.” He’s proud now of his success over drug addiction that he’s achieved through The Recovery Place’s more unique approach.

Jim had been in treatment for his drug addiction ten times in the past. He relapsed every time. It wasn’t until he entered a drug rehabilitation center that focused on helping him transition from full-blown addict to armed-and-ready with the tools and skills that he needed to avoid relapse, that he has achieved success. These videos look at just what worked for Jim and his alcohol and drug rehab center peers.

Intense focus is placed on the idea of “how to live life without the drugs or alcohol” at The Recovery Place rehab center. The residential treatment program at The Recovery Place helps clients regain these life skills by living in cooperation and collaboration with each other.

For the rest of this video series, and our many other videos, find us on YouTube.

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