The Recovery Place Launches Alumni Website

The Recovery Place Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center Launches Alumni Website

Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease—a disease that needs a strong aftercare program to see a lifetime of successful addiction recovery. The Recovery Place drug rehab and alcohol treatment center wants to remain an active part of our client’s recovery and have created a powerful and growing alumni program to do just that. With clients hailing from across the country, the alumni program’s success is greatly enhanced by a strong online presence.

The Recovery Place drug rehab and alcohol treatment center has launched a new website to supplement the aftercare and alumni mission with a strong online presence—

The new alumni program website allows alumni from The Recovery Place to keep in touch with both the place that guided them down the path to addiction recovery and the people they have taken that journey with. With a regularly updated blog, alumni stories, an events calendar and photos from past events, alumni can remain engaged in their recovery process.

The website has been developed with a very social aspect, incorporating The Recovery Place’s Facebook page and Twitter handle allowing TRP alumni to get connected with one another on their social networks and engage in conversation using an alumni “hashtag” on Twitter. Providing alumni with a place to freely talk about their recovery and read stories from others greatly enhances their success in addiction recovery. will continually evolve into a useful tool for all of The Recovery Place alumni and continue to assist our clients in successful addiction recovery.

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