Campaign Launched to Educate Public about Drug Rehab Myths

The Recovery Place Launches Campaign to Educate Public About Drug Rehab Myths

Socially circulated myths about alcohol and drug addiction prevent individuals struggling with addiction from seeking the drug rehab treatment they need. To provide help for those who need it most, The Recovery Place is launching a website and blog designed to put these myths to rest.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 23.5 million people aged 12 or older are in need of treatment for drug abuse or alcoholism. Only 2.6 million of those people actually receive treatment.

Playing an active role in addiction education, The Recovery Place is providing information to silence looming myths about alcohol and drug addiction and drug rehab that often deter people from seeking treatment.

The Recovery Place has been helping families and addicts recover from addiction for over ten years and places emphasis on addiction education throughout the treatment process. “Education is necessary for individuals struggling with addiction to understand how the addiction is severely affecting their lives,” stated Jonathan Sobelman MS, MBA, LMHC, Executive Director at The Recovery Place. “This information is also incredibly helpful for families of addicts to understand the addiction and how to get their loved ones the help they need.”

Some of the most common myths include, “all drug rehab programs are the same” and that there is a “cure” for addiction. By setting these addiction and drug rehab myths straight, The Recovery Place looks to reduce the socio-economic impact of drugs and alcohol and encourage those struggling with addiction to get help.

Utilizing their online presence and multiple social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, The Recovery Place is taking steps forward in what promises to be an ongoing addiction education campaign.

To learn the truth about addiction and debunk the most common drug rehab myths, visit The Recovery Place website and blog.

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