New 12-Step Videos Added to Enhance Christian Program

Video and Blog Enhanced Christian Drug Abuse Program at The Recovery Place: Utilizing The 12-Steps During Treatment and Throughout Recovery

Breaking completely down and then building back even stronger: this is the core framework of the specialized Christian 12 Step drug and alcohol treatment program at The Recovery Place. Can over 2 million people be wrong? And to strengthen the available framework for addicts, alcoholics and families in need, The Recovery Place provides Christian 12 Step education and support via an internet video and a unique blog series. These are adjuncts to achieving and staying in recovery and not to be viewed as do-it-yourself addiction treatment.

Addicts and alcoholics in the specialized Christian 12 Step program at The Recovery Place learn to do a lot of “giving”, starting with the giving in of Step 1, knowing that you are completely powerless, to the giving back of Step 12, being a positive support for others dealing with drug and alcohol problems.

New educational videos by The Recovery Place on each of the Christian 12-steps give a synoptic view on the individual steps and how they relate to drug and alcohol addiction recovery. These excellent short videos are viewed by those who want to seek treatment, those who are actively taking part in The Recovery Place Christian Addiction Program, and as visual and meaningful way to support those in recovery after active treatment.

Another social media support used by The Recovery Place to aid those in drug and alcohol addiction recovery is the alumni blog. A recent blog post shares, “during treatment and continuing through recovery, the 12 Steps is a guide to organizing thoughts and actions to successfully implement them.” Having a plan, and using it, is a core part of the process of recovery.

The Christian 12 Step program at The Recovery Place is dynamic, not static. It isn’t just taking care of Step One and then moving on through the subsequent 11 steps, and bingo!—you graduate into recovery. The opposite is true: the 12 Step program is an ongoing process that an addict or alcoholic learns about, begins to work on while in Christian drug and alcohol rehab, and then takes with them after they go home, to use as an active guide for healthy sober living for the rest of their life.

One of the Christian drug abuse treatment counselors at The Recover Place talks about why Step 2 in the Christian 12 step program is meaningful to an addict or alcoholic seeking recovery: “As a person repeats the same destructive behavior he knows what the results will be.” This is true for anyone who is dealing with an addiction, whether it is to drugs, alcohol, food, gambling or sex.

“This is a step of hope,” they state. It is a step that shows how an addict or alcohol needs to trust in a higher power, something bigger than themselves in order to move beyond the destructive behavior. In the Christian 12 Step track, God is the power behind recovery, and the Bible used as a teaching source for that power.

Without a concrete relapse plan to use after rehab, it is very likely that a person will fall right back into drinking or using drugs. The Christian 12-Steps to Recovery are important tools in a recovery person’s arsenal, and are taught and used in a highly beneficial way at The Recovery Place.

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