All For One and One For All

All For One and One For All

The National Institutes of Health Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has researched and documented what The Recovery Place knows, and has addressed, from the beginning:

Addiction is a family disease! 

Comprehensive alcohol and drug rehab programs must support family members just as fully as the addict or alcoholic is being supported.  The Recovery Place exceeds the support most rehab programs offer.

“Our commitment to including the family leads to higher levels of success for our clients and instills hope and guidance to the families that support them,” emphasizes Pamela Hand, Program Director at TRP.

The Recovery Place weekly family contacts, the weekly family support group, and the quarterly family weekend,” explains Pamela, “help to develop strong awareness and support for the client and their family.”

At The Recovery Place this support starts from first contact and continues after discharge.  It is available whether family members live near TRPs alcohol and drug rehab center or in a far distant state.

Weekly contact can take place via phone or internet, if loved ones are too distant to come to our Fort Lauderdale location.   We know that the more support we can provide family members, the better the chance of family recovery from the stress and problems that addiction causes both short-term and long term.

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