An Interview with Our New Executive Director, Robert Lehmann

An Interview with Our New Executive Director, Robert Lehmann

Robert Lehmann brings a wealth of experience and compassion to The Recovery Place. Lehmann has a master’s degree in Human Services Administration with a concentration in Mental Health Administration from Antioch University New England.

Lehmann notes,” I started out in graduate school in a clinical psychology program, but realized early on that I had a stronger interest in the management aspect of behavioral healthcare, and as a result switched Universities and moved into a management graduate program that specialized in Human Service Administration.”

A Wealth of Experience

Lehmann has over 25 years of senior management experience in the behavioral healthcare industry. He has served as CEO and Executive Director with a number of inpatient and outpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment facilities that specialized in treating both adults and adolescents.

“Throughout my career, I have been the Senior Executive of a number of drug rehab treatment facilities that have provided successful treatment to thousands of clients, probably exceeding 40,000 throughout my career,” he says.

Lehmann’s experience with the dual diagnosis treatment modality makes him an especially strong fit for The Recovery Place Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center with the nation’s leading dual diagnosis treatment program.

Lehmann also brings with him experience as a Regional Vice President of an organization that provided inpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment services through eight facilities across the country—a perfect fit for The Recovery Place recently acquired by Elements Behavioral Health.

A Passion for Service

“What attracted me to Elements Behavioral Health and The Recovery place was the genuine commitment to the highest level of patient care possible,” states Lehmann, who glows in dedication to providing quality and comprehensive treatment to individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

He continues, “There are many companies across the country that articulate this commitment, but in reality it is no more than just words. In respect to Elements Behavioral Health and The Recovery Place you only have to spend a short time in the program, speak to the clients that are served and to the staff to realize these are two organizations that truly and honestly care for the clients.”

Lehmann’s dedication to helping clients shines through his education and experience to get to this point, noting, “Alcohol and drug addiction are diseases that can end a life as quickly as it started. As a professional in the field, I am pleased to be able to help those that desperately need our help and to work for an organization that truly cares for the clients it serves.” He continues, “Every person I have met that is associated with Elements Behavioral Health and The Recovery Place Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center work as though failure is not an option. This very important fact makes me proud to be associated with such a great organization and explains the great reputation it has across the country for treatment and service excellence.”

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