Powerless to Powerful With Christian Addiction Rehab

Powerless to Powerful Through Christian Addiction Rehab

The Recovery Place March blog series takes a look at the specialized treatment tracks that help addicts, alcoholics and their families find the program that best meets their unique needs

“Powerlessness is the first step to finding any type of spiritual growth,” explains Charlotte Day, Lead Clinician for the Christian Program at TRP.  “A critical step for addicts is realizing that they are powerless to choose to stop using.”   This is where recovery begins.

Through a dynamic new video series, Charlotte explains the Christian 12-step approach to addiction recovery, and how it supports rehab and recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

The Recovery Place helps those who believe a high power and Christian approach is the best way for them to obtain, and sustain, long-term abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse.  It is also available to those who seek a first-time or renewed relationship with God.

By combining Bible-based therapies with traditional ones, an even more powerful treatment plan is available to those attending TRPs Christian Recovery Track. Bible study and church services are frequent and important parts of this track.

Admitting that you are powerless isn’t an admission of defeat, except in the sense that you, or a loved one, are being defeated by the drugs or alcohol. Admitting that you are powerless means that you are ready for God’s help and that of the treatment team in the Christian addiction rehab program here at The Recovery Place.

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